The War in Ukraine

Perspectives on Russia's invasion of Ukraine through a global health lens

Leaving Ukraine

A story about helping people with disabilities escape the war in Ukraine

Confronting an Invisible Enemy in Ukraine

The insidious march of infectious diseases during war 


War-Proofing Ukraine's Health System

An interview with Ukraine's former Deputy Minister of Health Pavlo Kovtoniuk


Russian Roulette at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

How Russia's militarization of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant threatens human health



A photographic view of the fallout from past nuclear incidents for health


Ukraine: A Turning Point for Attacks on Health

Accountability is overdue for wartime atrocities in Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia, Gaza, Myanmar, and now Ukraine


Seeds: An Unlikely Casualty of the War in Ukraine

How history—and future crops—were lost when Russia attacked a scientific warehouse for valuable plants and seeds


From Aleppo to Mariupol

Attacks on medical facilities in Syria and Ukraine will leave lasting scars


Multigenerational Voices from the Wreckage of War-Torn Ukraine

We should listen carefully to those under attack, and hear what they have to tell us


Proving a Negative

There are no bioweapons in Ukraine


Health Care at Hungary's Border

Hungary has opened its arms and its health-care resources to Ukrainians fleeing Russia's war


The Fallout for People Forced to Leave Ukraine

The short- and long-term health effects of the Russia-Ukraine war


The Ukraine Crisis, COVID-19, and Global Health

The Russian threat to Ukraine has nothing to do with the pandemic, but the situation has implications for global health


Disarming Russia's Bioweapons Disinformation

Protecting Ukraine's laboratory infrastructure is crucial to prevent a health crisis


Ukrainian Culture as Medicine

Six books and movies to soothe the heartbreak of the war in Ukraine


War Threatens Ukraine's Progress Curbing HIV/AIDS

Russia's invasion is keeping lifesaving medication out of the hands of Ukrainians living with HIV


Periods Don't Stop For Conflict

Addressing women's health in Ukraine and other conflict zones


Guns, Germs, and Gases

The invasion of Ukraine darkens the future for global health


Coronavirus in Ukraine

In heat of pandemic, Ukraine’s American and European partners shouldn’t let their support of one valuable ally grow cold