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Diet-related disease is linked to eight out of ten leading causes of death worldwide. Obesity is on the rise in many countries. Almost nine percent of the world's population is undernourished. Climate change and growing populations are on a trajectory that will lead to increases in food insecurity. This section examines these issues and how food policies and systems impact equity and human well-being


Corporate Influence in Ecuador’s Food Policy

Recent policies enable corporations to set priorities for the country’s child malnutrition strategy

COVID-Era Learning Loss Tied to Food Insecurity

New data points to food security as a predicator of academic success during the pandemic


Timeline: H5N1 Bird Flu Outbreak in the U.S.

A weekly updated timeline for H5N1 outbreak events


A New Roadmap For Obesity Prevention

Countries should adopt a multidisciplinary approach to address nutritional transitions


Bird Flu, U.S. Cows, and Economic Consequences

The recent H5N1 outbreak in cattle has rattled livestock markets and raised public health concerns


Curbing India's Ultra-Processed Foods

Increased popularity of ultra-processed foods could be leading to a health crisis


Polarization Threatens Food Security and Systems Globally

Political disagreements on sustainability and climate action damage prospects for needed changes in food production


The Food Is Medicine Strategy Gains Momentum

U.S. health care is crafting food-based nutrition interventions to combat diet-related diseases


Transforming the Global Food System for Better Health

Healthy, sustainable, and resilient food systems require changes in food policies and private-sector engagement


Why Some Children Relapse From Severe Acute Malnutrition

A new pediatric study answers why and how often relapse occurs with the deadliest form of malnutrition


What Brazil’s “Poison Package” Means for Global Food Supplies

New legislation could weaken regulations on pesticide use, allowing for temporary approvals before risks are reviewed


Sri Lanka’s Alcohol Tax Reform Spurs Economic and Health Recovery

Amidst economic turmoil, the opportunity emerges for transformative fiscal policies to tackle public health challenges


Global Lead Poisoning Is the Biggest Threat You’ve Never Heard About

Despite the magnitude of this problem, many have never even heard of lead poisoning as a global health challenge


Seaweed’s Renaissance

How the seaweed industry is changing the tide on climate, health, and agriculture