Submission Guidelines

Think Global Health welcomes outside submissions that provide compelling and timely analysis and sound knowledge that improves the understanding of global health and its evolving role in the world. The current focus areas for the site are: urbanization, climate and the environment, trade, migration, governance, poverty, food policy, aging, migration, and gender. We are committed to cultivating and publishing contributions from people from historically underrepresented groups, from contributors in low- and middle-income countries, and on topics in global health that have been neglected in the past.

How to Write for Think Global Health?

If you have an idea for a post that fits with the approach of the site, please email us with a one- or two-paragraph pitch that briefly explains:

  • which news or current issue your piece will illuminate
  • which research findings you will bring to bear on this topic
  • how your post will change public or policymakers’ perceptions on this topic

Submissions to Think Global Health should be approximately 800 words and written by leading experts, researchers, and practitioners in that field. Submissions should be written in plain-language and in a style accessible and engaging to a general audience. 

Think Global Health is editorially-independent, and all editorial decisions rest solely with the editors. We thoroughly edit submissions to this site for clarity of language and conformity to our style, but otherwise contributed articles are the sole work of their authors. Contributors assume responsibility for confirming the factual content and originality of their pieces. We require the full disclosure in all articles of any potential conflicts of interest arising from funding, employment, or other reasons. Pitches and questions can be sent to