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There is a new world of challenges for global health governance, with shifting donor priorities and evolving health needs in many low- and middle-income nations. This section offers an inside look at the ways in which global health governance is adapting to these changes, with a focus on the institutions, rules, and processes that govern the health of people across the world.


Changing Drug Use in Colombia and Peru

People who use drugs should use them in the safest and most informed way

International Cooperation and the War Against Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is hampering solutions on global issues and intensifying cooperation among geopolitical alliances


The World Won’t Be Safer With a Fragmented Global Health System

It’s unclear how a proposed Global Health Threats Council will interact with the existing global health system


The Past and Future of Health Cooperation in the Quad

A sustainable and inclusive foundation is essential for the group’s longevity


Reducing Alcohol-Related Deaths in Lithuania

How the country is cutting down on deaths related to excess drinking


Drug-Resistant Malaria Is Up 1,000 Percent in Myanmar

Civil conflict and disease compound in the eastern border regions


Gun Violence Arrives on Serbia’s Doorstep

Serbian students can no longer say, “It couldn’t happen here”


Not All U.S. States Struggled Equally Against COVID-19

What the U.S. death toll would have looked like if every state had performed as well as New Hampshire


Alcohol: A Public Health Blind Spot

Richard Yoast on alcohol consumption and how philanthropies could help curb excess drinking   


In For the Long Haul

Three years into the pandemic, here is how long COVID continues to affect people across the globe


The Doctors Who Return Home

A death in Sudan’s diaspora and a collapsed health system


Heroes of Health

Emergency medical technicians were lauded as heroes during the pandemic, but many struggle to make a living wage


Rethinking Financial Estimates for Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Current estimates do not share a standardized methodology for predicting the costs or scope of PPR