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There is a new world of challenges for global health governance, with shifting donor priorities and evolving health needs in many low- and middle-income nations. This section offers an inside look at the ways in which global health governance is adapting to these changes, with a focus on the institutions, rules, and processes that govern the health of people across the world


India's Moment for Global Health Leadership

India is well positioned to shape the future of global health

In Myanmar, Health Care Has Become a Battleground

Three years after a military coup, attacks against health care in Myanmar have reached a tipping point


The Amendments to the International Health Regulations Are Not a Breakthrough

The major amendments misdiagnose problems that arose during COVID-19 and create processes that paper over disagreements


The New Amendments to the International Health Regulations

The passage of a new IHR marks a key moment for global health governance


A First Step to Fairer Drug Prices for Young Americans

U.S drugs have been historically more expensive, but the Inflation Reduction Act signals a shift toward fairer prices


Why Pandemic Agreement Negotiations Failed to Land

Months of negotiations and a final weeklong push ended with impasses over technology sharing and accountability measures


Advancing Global Tobacco Control as New Challenges Arise

The most recent meeting of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control confronted persistent problems and new threats


Fatal Attacks on Health-Care Workers Doubled in 2023

Amid a rise in global conflict, a new report shows that health-care workers are being killed at alarming rates


Big Tobacco Is Being Held More Accountable Around the World

Regulatory regimes beyond public health are targeting Big Tobacco's abuses


Safeguarding the Pandemic Agreement from Disinformation

A sustained disinformation campaign worldwide is undermining the highly anticipated pandemic agreement


Inside the Global Burden of Disease Study

IHME Director Christopher Murray recounts the study's role in shaping global policy and how collaborators overcame COVID


The New U.S. Strategy on Global Health Security

The strategy seeks to make U.S. foreign policy on global health more effective


Course Correcting the U.S. Response to Bird Flu

Health security scientists wonder what delayed the U.S. response and offer advice on strategic improvements


Pandemic Prevention Begins at Home

Proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations could enable timely outbreak reporting at the local level