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There is a new world of challenges for global health governance, with shifting donor priorities and evolving health needs in many low- and middle-income nations. This section offers an inside look at the ways in which global health governance is adapting to these changes, with a focus on the institutions, rules, and processes that govern the health of people across the world.


Letting Omicron Loose

A look at vulnerabilities in health-care capacity in China 

A "Radical Plan" to Produce Vaccines Locally

Science reporter Amy Maxmen discusses "the hub" and the making of her new podcast for Big Picture Science


The Polarized Pandemic

COVID-19 has contributed to the fragmentation of domestic and international politics


Avian Flu in Cambodia

Human cases of avian influenza in Cambodia exemplify the importance of global surveillance and collaboration


On COVID-19, the United States Still Lags Behind Peer Countries

The United States continues to have among the highest rates of mortality from COVID-19 in the world


Choosing to Make a Change

Dr. Helene Gayle on her trailblazing career and the questions she still ponders


Universal Health Care in Southeast Asia

Aging populations and rising health-care costs are creating a “golden opportunity” to build better health systems


Building a New Public Health Order in Africa

The challenges and opportunities associated with reforming Africa's public health systems


Religion’s Role in Mental Health

Spirituality has known benefits to an individual’s mental health and well-being


The Crisis of Trust in Public Health

Sociopolitical trends influence people's confidence in public health institutions