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There is a new world of challenges for global health governance, with shifting donor priorities and evolving health needs in many low- and middle-income nations. This section offers an inside look at the ways in which global health governance is adapting to these changes, with a focus on the institutions, rules, and processes that govern the health of people across the world


India's Moment for Global Health Leadership

India is well positioned to shape the future of global health

In Myanmar, Health Care Has Become a Battleground

Three years after a military coup, attacks against health care in Myanmar have reached a tipping point


Pandemic Agreement Talks Resume with Global Equity at Stake

Progress has been made, but difficult issues need resolving before a pandemic treaty can make the world safer and fairer


South Africa's Health-Care Reform in Limbo Following Election

African National Congress's loss imperils the new National Health Insurance law and its financing of public health care


The PEPFAR Files: Who Tried to End the Lifesaving HIV Program?

The first in a three-part series explores why the popular global health program is under threat


H5N1: How Effective Is Wastewater Surveillance for Bird Flu?

The Rockefeller Foundation's Megan Diamond explains wastewater surveillance for monitoring the H5N1 outbreak


Mental Health Care in Rwanda: Three Decades of Resilience

Insights into Rwanda's strategies and successes in building mental health services after genocide


Supreme Court's Chevron Ruling Could Reshape Public Health

Overturning Chevron could deter policy for disaster responses, food safety, gender protections, and health care


Health Policy Takeaways from 2024's First U.S. Presidential Debate

Where the presidential debate mentioned or missed on COVID responses, drug pricing, Medicare, and reproductive health


Health Equity and Gender Equality in a More Violent World

The impact of conflict on civilian health and well-being is both tragic and dangerous to prospects for sustained peace


What South Africa’s Fatal Mpox Cases Mean for the Global Crisis

A nurse holds a monkeypox vaccination at the Northwell Health Immediate Care Center at Fire Island-Cherry Grove.


Smallpox Biosecurity in a New Era of Technology

Smallpox could reemerge, but new technology can prepare the world for a future outbreak


The Amendments to the International Health Regulations Are Not a Breakthrough

The major amendments misdiagnose problems that arose during COVID-19 and create processes that paper over disagreements


The New Amendments to the International Health Regulations

The passage of a new IHR marks a key moment for global health governance