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The global health effects of climate change are not well quantified today and are likely to increase in the future, with lower-income countries bearing the brunt of greater food insecurity, increased rates of chronic respiratory illnesses, and shifts in vector-borne diseases. This section explores the global health nexus between climate change and pollution and the possibilities for a more coherent policy approach to these issues.


Life in Plastic

A look at how microplastics are infiltrating our oceans, air, and bodies

Confronting an Invisible Enemy in Ukraine

The insidious march of infectious diseases during war 


China's Attack on a Top Industrial Health Hazard

How China is bringing the devastating lung disease pneumoconiosis to its knees


Heat, Dust, Fever

India's climate adaptation plan for health should reflect regional and national needs


Why Health Systems Need a Climate Reckoning

Tackling waste, CO2 emissions, and energy consumption in medicine


Rising from the Ashes

An interview with Phoenix, Arizona, Mayor Kate Gallego


Climate Change and Global Surgery

Access to surgical care doesn't have to harm the environment and future generations


Indigenous Land Guardianship Around the World 

An interview with conservationist and Nia Tero founder Peter Seligmann 


A New Era of Climate Action Calls for Climate Doctors

Educating this generation of physicians in climate resilience is critical


How Athens Plans to Beat the Heat

An interview with Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis on how Europe's oldest capital will deal with rising temperatures


Indonesia: Why Planetary Health Should Be on the Menu for the G20 Chair

President Joko Widodo has the opportunity to champion a "planetary health" approach


Amplifying Indigenous Knowledge

The podcast "Seedcast" launches its second storytelling season


The Tangled Problem of Sugarcane Burning in Thailand

Agricultural burning is causing dangerously high air pollution levels, but stopping it is complicated


Every Breath We Take

Air pollution is a pernicious threat linked to millions of deaths each year