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The global health effects of climate change are not well quantified today and are likely to increase in the future, with lower-income countries bearing the brunt of greater food insecurity, increased rates of chronic respiratory illnesses, and shifts in vector-borne diseases. This section explores the global health nexus between climate change and pollution and the possibilities for a more coherent policy approach to these issues


Eyes on Disease X: Ranking the Next Pandemic

University of California, Davis has expanded its SpillOver tool to assess the pandemic potential of dangerous pathogens

Climate Change’s Hidden Mental Toll On Children

New evidence reveals that the climate crisis affects neurological and mental well-being more than previously understood


Shrinking Shores, Rising Risks in the Great Salt Lake

How Utah's shrinking Great Salt Lake is harming human and environmental health


Tackling Air Pollution in Africa With Data

Access to real-time air quality data could address the growing dangers of outdoor air pollution in Africa


Guatemala's Ecotourism: Migration Stopgap Meets Sustainability Vision

How remote, indigenous communities have reimagined tourism in Guatemala


Climate Change and Global Health: Moving From Rhetoric to Action

The World Health Assembly can help mainstream climate action into the global health agenda


Reimagining the Future of Climate Health With AI

Harnessing the power of generative AI for health promotion and climate action


Why Nations Need to Prepare for Climate-Fueled Dengue

World leaders should act quickly to support countries on the frontlines of climate-sensitive diseases


From Talk to Action: Rethinking the Language of Climate Change

To motivate action on climate change, advocates need to use the right words


Zambia's Cholera Outbreak Rings Warning Bells on Climate Change

Cholera spikes are one of many signs foretelling the rapid emergence of climate-sensitive diseases


How Medical Education Is Adapting to Climate Change

Educational initiatives are sprouting to help doctors and nurses confront the health threats created by climate change


Aporkalypse Now: Bearded Pigs Face Environmental Peril

How African swine fever created a conservation catastrophe


Parkers Resilient Health Takes on Nigeria's Climate Challenges

The telemedicine platform aims to expand health-care services to people living in flood prone regions