Data Visualization


In India, Climate Change Drives Pesticide Use, Harming Farmers' Health

As temperatures rise, farmworkers turn to using more potent pesticides, putting themselves at further risk

Mental Health Care in Rwanda: Three Decades of Resilience

Insights into Rwanda's strategies and successes in building mental health services after genocide


India's Call for Action on Noncommunicable Diseases

Noncommunicable diseases cause the majority of deaths in India, but public health responses fall short


Health Equity and Gender Equality in a More Violent World

The impact of conflict on civilian health and well-being is both tragic and dangerous to prospects for sustained peace


Smallpox Biosecurity in a New Era of Technology

Smallpox could reemerge, but new technology can prepare the world for a future outbreak


Timeline: H5N1 Bird Flu Outbreak in the U.S.

A weekly updated timeline for H5N1 outbreak events


Shrinking Shores, Rising Risks in the Great Salt Lake

How Utah's shrinking Great Salt Lake is harming human and environmental health


Tackling Air Pollution in Africa With Data

Access to real-time air quality data could address the growing dangers of outdoor air pollution in Africa


A First Step to Fairer Drug Prices for Young Americans

U.S drugs have been historically more expensive, but the Inflation Reduction Act signals a shift toward fairer prices


Fatal Attacks on Health-Care Workers Doubled in 2023

Amid a rise in global conflict, a new report shows that health-care workers are being killed at alarming rates


A New Roadmap For Obesity Prevention

Countries should adopt a multidisciplinary approach to address nutritional transitions


Where COVID Has Shifted Flu and RSV Seasons

In some countries, peaks in flu hospitalizations occurred 4.3 weeks early on average relative to the pre-COVID era


How Gender and Sex Shape Disease

New research exposes why health systems should tailor responses to the needs of men and women starting at a young age