Recommendations and reviews of books, films, and other media that explore and highlight issues in global health.


Diabetes, Colonialism, and Killers of the Flower Moon

How the Oscar nominee's depiction of diabetes outlines a greater problem for communities haunted by colonialism

Powerful Legacies: New Memoir Explores Racism in Health Care and Beyond

Dr. Uché Blackstock examines the systems that oppress Black Americans and urges her readers to challenge them


Best of 2023

Our favorite Think Global Health stories from 2023


Our Summer Reading List

A slideshow of CFR staff summer readings recommendations


Best of 2022

Our favorite Think Global Health stories from 2022


Best Books of 2022

The novels, nonfiction, and media our colleagues at the Council on Foreign Relations enjoyed most this year


The Life of a Foreign Aid Practitioner

A review of "Bike Riding in Kabul," Jamie Bowman's unexpectedly humorous memoir of life as a foreign aid worker


Seventeen Years Later, HBO Film "Katrina Babies" Asks Child Hurricane Survivors How They Feel

"In America, especially during disaster, Black children are not even a thought"


How to Unwind This Summer

What CFR experts, staff, and friends are reading, watching, and listening to


Our Favorite Global Health Podcasts

Six podcasts covering climate change, gender, the pandemic, health security, and more


Ukrainian Culture as Medicine

Six books and movies to soothe the heartbreak of the war in Ukraine


Amplifying Indigenous Knowledge

The podcast "Seedcast" launches its second storytelling season


The New Animated Film "Flee" Will Change How You Think About the Refugee Experience

The documentary tells the real-life story of a man who fled Afghanistan as a child


A Visit with the UCLA Art & Global Health Center  

A creative director and his team meld public health and art with communities around the globe