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Going Viral

An Interview with author Alina Chan on her new book about the origins of COVID-19

The Global Sentiment of Gratitude

The wondrous ways communities around the world give thanks


The Art of a Pandemic

COVID-19 street art from around the world


New Netflix Release "Gather" Explores the Fight to Revitalize Native Foodways

Think Global Health talks with the film's director about food sovereignty


Pandemics, Pathological Politics, and International Order

A review of the new book "Aftershocks" by Colin Kahl and Thomas Wright


“Ordinary Love” and Extraordinary Compassion

New film starring Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville depicts the gloomy, gray uncertainty of modern breast cancer treatment


“Less a Leper Than I Have Been”

Book of documentary poetry recalls Louisiana's Carville Hospital and early 20th century experience of leprosy in America


Baby in a Bomb Shelter

Oscar nominated documentary “For Sama” gives powerful if gruesome glimpse of what it’s like to raise a kid in a war zone


TV Review: Global Warming at the End of The Affair

Showtime ends daring, bleak series with desperation, hope, and a future long island threatened by rising sea levels