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According to the United Nations, gender equality is fundamental to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, affecting access to quality health care, exposure to health risks, and the outcomes of disease and disability—for children and parents alike. Improvements in health, from lower child mortality to greater access to reproductive care, can alter the power to access gender-related rights and freedoms. This section examines the new ways in which health and gender intersect and reinforce each other.


Family Planning: Global Disparities Persist

Contraception access and options need to improve to help empower women, young people

HPV Vaccination and the Quest to Solve India's Cervical Cancer Problem

Misinformation, stigma, and health disparities have stalled HPV vaccination


Women in China After Zero-COVID

Women delegates leave the Great Hall of the People following the opening session of the CPPCC.


India’s Invisible Chains

In India, women shoulder a disproportionate share of the caregiving burden  


When Love Becomes Violence

Countries in Central America should build resilient institutions capable of implementing programs that support women


Harlem to Harare

Dr. Mary Bassett on how her upbringing and decades in Africa influenced her thinking about health in the United States


Risk, Pregnancy, and Extreme Sports

Min Min rock climbing while pregnant in her third trimester in 2022, Yangshuo, China.


The Toll of Violence on Women and Youth in Iran

A "pervasive trauma is seeping through Iran," affecting the mental health of women and children


The Path to Vaccinating the World Against HPV

Fewer required doses, more affordable vaccines


Preventable but Prevalent: An Injury Affecting Millions of Mothers

Two solutions that could help women in low-and middle-income countries


Leaving Ukraine

A story about helping people with disabilities escape the war in Ukraine


Women Are Transforming Health in Rural Villages in India

Community health "entrepreneurs" prevent disease, strengthen social safety nets, and improve well-being


Loretta Lynn and Beyond: Reproductive Rights in Country and Folk Music

A slideshow of songs highlighting the once taboo topics of birth control, virginity, and divorce in rural America