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The link between poverty and premature death and disability is well-documented, but the definition of who is poor and the global distribution of those living in extreme poverty is changing. This section examines the ways in which limited health resources, illness, and poverty are intertwined


The Mysterious Kidney Illness Rising Among Sri Lankan Farmers

Are pesticides in drinking water to blame for kidney disease among young farmers?

Why I Stay: Haiti's Fight for Health Care

GHESKIO, a long-standing health organization, continues the battle to provide care amid disasters and violence in Haiti


Haiti's Epidemic of Early-Onset Heart Disease

A new study finds cardiovascular disease rates in Haiti are at least three times greater than among Black Americans


How COVID Increased Childhood Obesity in India

The consequences of the rise in childhood obesity include type 2 diabetes and asthma


Investments in Rapid Outbreak Responses: Spend Now, Save Later

New pandemic preparedness approaches from Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria balance speed and financing


U.S. Aid Package Leaves Ukraine Vulnerable to Public Health Crisis

Public health experts say the heightened conflict is making outbreaks more likely in Ukraine and elsewhere


Gaza's Health Toll in Numbers

With more than 800 attacks on health-care facilities, Gaza is facing increased levels of diseases and malnutrition


Kenya's Fluoride Problem

Heavy fluoride in Kenya's water supply has consequences for the country's health and economy


The Mathematical Solution to Snakebites

A Duke University team develops a math model to better distribute antivenom to the Amazonas


How Pediatric Surgery Could Help India Reach Its Development Goals

Confronting barriers to pediatric surgical care access should be a major priority


Modernizing Traditional Maternal Care in Guatemala

Aiding traditional Comadronas to provide quality care to indigenous mothers


Paul Farmer and the Audacity of Accompaniment

Reflecting on Paul Farmer's extraordinary legacy


Zimbabwe's Village Health Workers Persist in Cholera Battle

The southern African nation is still battling an outbreak that began a year ago