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The link between poverty and premature death and disability is well-documented, but the definition of who is poor and the global distribution of those living in extreme poverty is changing. This section examines the ways in which limited health resources, illness, and poverty are intertwined.


Aesthetic Procedures Are at an All-Time High, but People Are Getting Left Behind

As the aesthetic industry grows, let’s not forget the reconstructive origin ethos of plastic surgery

Measles is Raging In Afghanistan

A nationwide vaccination campaign is urgently needed, say CDC measles experts


India’s “Widow Village”

Silicosis deaths are rising among miners in Budhpura, Rajasthan


Water Is Life

An interview with Cardinal Michael F. Czerny on the Catholic Church’s water, sanitation, and hygiene project


Caste Out

India’s unjust health-care system


Syrians Need Stable Humanitarian Aid

Syrians have long suffered from preventable harms and a devastating earthquake compounds those difficulties.


Tackling Air Pollution Starts at Home

Rapidly developing countries critically need clean household energy  


Expanding Mobile Medical Care to Fight Hunger

In Somalia, addressing malnutrition and infectious disease together


Protecting the Health of Displaced People

Employing a "leave no one behind" approach


Tolerating the Pain: Accessing Medical Morphine in Bangladesh

Roadblocks to getting opioids leave seriously ill patients coping with unbearable pain


"10 Bed ICU" Brings Intensive Care Units to India's Rural Towns and Villages

A collaboration between business experts, nonprofit organizations, and India's government is making it happen


Ebola in Uganda

An interview with emergency physician and Ebola survivor Craig Spencer


The Cleft Palate-Malnutrition Connection

During food crises, children with cleft lip and cleft palate are the most vulnerable of the vulnerable