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The Global Experience of Gun Control

Firearm Deaths, including suicides, are averted when treated as a public health problem—so why not in the United States?

The March of Private Health Care in Southeast Asia

How can a government achieve universal coverage for all citizens in a landscape where private care is deeply entrenched?

The Lost Cities and Towns of Asia and Africa

by Thomas J. Bollyky - December 11, 2019

A global definition of cities means better understanding of local urban health


Wildfires, Air Quality, and the Risk of Lung Diseases

Series: Global Health Governance in Transition

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There is a new world of challenges for global health governance, with shifting donor priorities, evolving health needs in many low- and middle-income nations, and a development assistance budget that has not increased much since 2010. This series explores where global health governance goes next.

Twenty-First Century Epidemic Responses

An interview with Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust

Injuries, Drowning and Boat Safety in Sub-Saharan Africa

Interview with Olive Kobusingye, Executive Director, Injury Control Center at Makerere Medical School in Kampala, Uganda

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