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Caring for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence in Afghanistan

Health workers can treat, speak up for, seek justice for, and empower survivors of gender-based violence

Systemic Racism in Mammogram Guidelines

Breaking down U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendations in the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus is a Public Health Nightmare—Now Comes One More

by A. Taylor Thomas, Emily Briskin - July 2, 2020

As the pandemic chokes off opioid supplies from China and unemployment skyrockets, U.S. meth addiction is set to explode

Hundreds of petroglyphs cover Newspaper Rock, in Bears Ears National Monument, Utah, next to the Naajo Nation, on October 29, 2017. The photo shows a dark rock face covered with hundreds of carved depictions of humans and animals. REUTERS/Andrew Cullen

The Voices of the Navajos

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Series: Coronavirus Knows No Borders

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This series explores how COVID-19 is unfolding in countries like South Korea, Iran, Lebanon, Russia, Ukraine, Ecuador, Nigeria, Malawi, Samoa, Sweden, the United States, the Navajo Nation, and Yemen and in regions like Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Coronavirus in Malawi

Shutdowns reversed amid an upcoming election, other disease threats, and more than half the population living in poverty

Coronavirus in Russia: First Wave, Round Two—The Regions

COVID-19 wreaks destruction in Dagestan and other places where rural destitution smacks into obfuscating officialdom

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