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The Food Is Medicine Strategy Gains Momentum

U.S. health care is crafting food-based nutrition interventions to combat diet-related diseases

Polarization Threatens Food Security and Systems Globally

Political disagreements on sustainability and climate action damage prospects for needed changes in food production

Transforming the Global Food System for Better Health

by Ertharin Cousin, Meghan O'Hearn - April 1, 2024

Healthy, sustainable, and resilient food systems require changes in food policies and private-sector engagement

Discarded cigarette butts are seen lodged in a sidewalk grating in Manhattan.

White House and FDA Miss Deadline for Menthol Cigarette Ban

Series: Alcohol and Global Health

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Examining the underappreciated and growing impact of alcohol on global health

A Russian Prescription to Reduce Alcohol Use

Sustained changes to alcohol policy in Russia have contributed to big gains in life expectancy

Insights From India on Expanding Global Vaccine Production

The Indian pharmaceutical industry offers lessons for building vaccine-production capacity in developing countries