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Tolerating the Pain: Accessing Medical Morphine in Bangladesh

Roadblocks to getting opioids leave seriously ill patients coping with unbearable pain

What to Expect This Winter

Our questions about the "tripledemic"—COVID-19, flu, and RSV—are answered by public health expert Ali H. Mokdad

Eight Billion and Counting

by Haley Comfort, Stefanie Watson - November 10, 2022

The world's population is on the verge of hitting eight billion people, and advances in health are behind the increase

A woman feeds gulls along the Hudson River shore during a winter storm in Nyack, New York, on January 29, 2022.

Flu: When Spillovers Spill Over

Series: U.S. Foreign Policy and Global Health

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It's Time to Rethink U.S. Engagement on Global Health 

Global Health Through the Haiti Looking Glass

Another crisis in Haiti sharpens the imperative for new thinking among democracies

The Escalation of the Ukraine War and Global Health

The war has entered a more dangerous phase with grim portents for health