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A First Step to Fairer Drug Prices for Young Americans

U.S drugs have been historically more expensive, but the Inflation Reduction Act signals a shift toward fairer prices

Post-Roe Era Tests Abortion Laws Worldwide

As abortion comes under fire in the United States, some countries have taken a stance toward expanding access

Tackling Air Pollution in Africa With Data

by Christi Chester Schroeder - June 6, 2024

Access to real-time air quality data could address the growing dangers of outdoor air pollution in Africa

A Palestinian family eats their iftar meal they break their fast near the rubble of their destroyed house.

Will International Humanitarian Law Survive the Israel-Hamas Conflict?

Series: U.S. Foreign Policy and Global Health

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It's time to rethink U.S. engagement on global health 

Why Pandemic Agreement Negotiations Failed to Land

Months of negotiations and a final weeklong push ended with impasses over technology sharing and accountability measures

Using AI to Decolonize Health Care in Africa

How artificial intelligence can help empower communities to create their own solutions