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Bird Flu, U.S. Cows, and Economic Consequences

The recent H5N1 outbreak in cattle has rattled livestock markets and raised public health concerns

Advancing Global Tobacco Control as New Challenges Arise

The most recent meeting of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control confronted persistent problems and new threats

Big Tobacco Is Being Held More Accountable Around the World

by Benoît Gomis - May 22, 2024

Regulatory regimes beyond public health are targeting Big Tobacco's abuses

A Palestinian family eats their iftar meal they break their fast near the rubble of their destroyed house.

Will International Humanitarian Law Survive the Israel-Hamas Conflict?

Series: AI and Health Care

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Examining the ways artificial intelligence is used to improve health outcomes across the globe

AI and Facial Recognition Dive Into Global Health Care

How artificial intelligence is used to diagnose diseases and understand behavior

Rethinking Donor Partnerships in Africa

Improving health in Africa requires more effective and respectful collaboration with global partners