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The Cat-and-Mouse Game of Providing Health Care in Ukraine's Conflict Zone

A Canadian physician reflects on his recent emergency medicine stint along the Ukrainian-Polish border

Aging and Displaced

The health and well-being of millions of older people around the world are threatened by violence and war

The Gender Pay Gap Is Wider Than You Thought

by Marilyn Waring - May 11, 2022

Making women's unpaid care work count toward an economy for health

A young man in a white shirt wearing a blue surgical mask hugs his brother, wearing navy blue, as he wails mourning the loss of his father from COVID-19

Just How Do Deaths Due to COVID-19 Stack Up?

Data in Global Health

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Series: U.S. Foreign Policy and Global Health

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It's Time to Rethink U.S. Engagement on Global Health 

COVID-19's Repercussions on Public Health Policy and Law in the United States

The pandemic has triggered regressive state-based law and policy reforms across America

U.S. War Aims, Health, and the Armed Conflict in Ukraine

Ambitious U.S. objectives in the war will affect health on Ukrainian battlefields and in nations beyond