Research & Analysis


The Ukraine Crisis, COVID-19, and Global Health

The Russian threat to Ukraine has nothing to do with the pandemic, but the situation has implications for global health

Sports Teams Took Their Shots, But Fans Lag Behind

What NFL, WNBA, and other professional athletes and teams around the globe can teach us about COVID-19 vaccination


Latin America, COVID-19, and the Fate of a Post-Pandemic Civilization

Latin American countries need U.S. power to restore global health values


Casualties of COVID: Insulin and Dialysis 

How the pandemic has been life-threatening to people living with diabetes and chronic kidney disease


Is Fast Food Eating Away at Africa's Progress?

It is often said that Africa is the future, but what kind of future will it have if its population is unhealthy?


A Look at Women's Protests

A snapshot of women-led protests around the world


Questioning NATO for Health

A new model of global health security governance should prioritize unity and solidarity among nations


Ghana's Proposed Hate Bill Threatens Safety, Livelihood, and the Health of LGBTQI+ People

Human rights defenders in Ghana and in the diaspora should work with a broad base of allies to defeat the proposed bill


Smoggy Cities

Ghostly images of some of the world's most polluted metropolises


How Global Warming is Affecting Health

How global warming is affecting health and how leadership dropped the ball at COP26


mRNA Therapeutics: The Technology That Saved the World

COVID-19 vaccines catapulted mRNA technology into the spotlight, and now it's used to cure previously untreated diseases