Research & Analysis


Women in China After Zero-COVID

Women delegates leave the Great Hall of the People following the opening session of the CPPCC.

The Polarized Pandemic

COVID-19 has contributed to the fragmentation of domestic and international politics


India’s Invisible Chains

In India, women shoulder a disproportionate share of the caregiving burden  


Avian Flu in Cambodia

Human cases of avian influenza in Cambodia exemplify the importance of global surveillance and collaboration


The War in Ukraine Has Harmed Children

Russia’s war is rooted in concepts of identity and nationality


Overpowering the Food Industry

The presidential politics of childhood obesity in emerging markets


Harlem to Harare

Dr. Mary Bassett on how her upbringing and decades in Africa influenced her thinking about health in the United States


Universal Health Care in Southeast Asia

Aging populations and rising health-care costs are creating a “golden opportunity” to build better health systems


Building a New Public Health Order in Africa

The challenges and opportunities associated with reforming Africa's public health systems


India’s Gig Workers

The death of a food delivery boy reveals obstacles in health-care benefits


Religion’s Role in Mental Health

Spirituality has known benefits to an individual’s mental health and well-being


The Crisis of Trust in Public Health

Sociopolitical trends influence people's confidence in public health institutions