Research & Analysis


The Real Meaning of Omicron

Travel disruptions and shaky financial markets suggest the world is still far from prepared for pandemics

Wrong Code

How many HIV/AIDS deaths are we missing?


The Case Against a Pandemic Treaty

Strengthening global health governance after COVID-19 does not require a pandemic treaty


A U.S.-European Measles Moment

The unfortunate return of a potentially fatal virus can be blamed on one thing 


The Mexico-United States Border, COVID-19, and Global Health Diplomacy

Mexico and the United States need to reformulate their bilateral health diplomacy in the aftermath of COVID-19


Nature's Unprecedented Role at the Glasgow UN Climate Summit

Multi-stakeholder collaboration on natural climate solutions can transform climate action


Cities: Creating Transformative Spaces that Address Climate and Health

Nature-based and social solutions benefit cities in low- and middle-income countries


Learning from Lagos

How a "lite" rapid transit system in the Nigerian city transformed commuting


NATO for Health

Why the health of the world's cities needs a model more like NATO than the WHO


A Touch of Green

Snapshots from cities creating green spaces and sustainable structures


Adapting Our Cities to the Future 

Why cities need to plan for climate change now 


Up and Out of the Darkness

COVID-19 forced many into isolation, bringing attention to the long-term effects of loneliness on health


The Glasgow Summit and U.S. Foreign Policy on Climate Change

Domestic politics, not diplomacy, will determine what "America is Back" means for climate change