Research & Analysis


In Climate Fight, Focus on Women and Girls

Zimbabwe's Lunia Centre is tackling climate change's spillover effects on women and girls

The PEPFAR Files: How Critics Put the HIV Program at Risk

Over the program's 21-year history, its essential components were either critiqued or glossed over, hurting its survival


Pandemic Agreement Talks Resume with Global Equity at Stake

Progress has been made, but difficult issues need resolving before a pandemic treaty can make the world safer and fairer


South Africa's Health-Care Reform in Limbo Following Election

African National Congress's loss imperils the new National Health Insurance law and its financing of public health care


The PEPFAR Files: Who Tried to End the Lifesaving HIV Program?

The first in a three-part series explores why the popular global health program is under threat


The Toll of Extreme Heat on India's Laborers

India lacks protections for outdoor workers despite the mounting threat from heat waves and climate change


Supreme Court's Chevron Ruling Could Reshape Public Health

Overturning Chevron could deter policy for disaster responses, food safety, gender protections, and health care


Health Policy Takeaways from 2024's First U.S. Presidential Debate

Where the presidential debate mentioned or missed on COVID responses, drug pricing, Medicare, and reproductive health


Preparing for Climate Disasters in East Africa

Immediate action is needed to mitigate the effects of deadly flooding in East Africa


Treating East Africa's Water Conflicts With AI and Big Data

How AI and big data can help resolve water-related refugee crises and armed conflicts


Revitalizing Road Safety Regulation in Africa

In 2021, nearly a quarter million motorists and pedestrians were killed on African roads


What South Africa’s Fatal Mpox Cases Mean for the Global Crisis

A nurse holds a monkeypox vaccination at the Northwell Health Immediate Care Center at Fire Island-Cherry Grove.


U.S. Supreme Court Weighs Emergency Abortion Care

In Idaho v. United States, the stakes are high for health workers, pregnant patients, and abortion care