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Monkeypox in India—Facing the World's Latest Health Threat

Barely back on its feet from COVID-19, India eyes monkeypox with trepidation

Monkeypox in Nigeria

Nigeria's battered health infrastructure is ill-equipped to handle a surge in monkeypox cases


The Monkeypox Outbreak and the WHO's Existential Crisis

The emergency declaration on monkeypox reinforces concerns about the WHO's role in global health governance


The Monkeypox Outbreak and Foreign Policy

The outbreak has limited implications for U.S. foreign policy on global health


Monkeypox and What Health Experts Are Not Saying About Sexual Transmission

Frank and positive messaging on sex is the first step to curbing spread and protecting the most vulnerable


From Scalpels to Security

Examining the intersection of global surgery, climate change, and human security


Visibly Invisible: Taiwan and Global Health

The legacy of the past and practices of the present, dictate whose voices are heard


Moving the Needle on Health Disinformation

Preventing harmful health information requires transparency not regulation


Bringing New Life to Plastics

A look at how plastics are being reduced, reused, and recycled


Diabetes, Hypertension, and Heart Disease Don’t Stop for War

During humanitarian crises, chronic diseases become more complicated


Nicotine Pouch Use Is on the Rise

A longtime tobacco researcher looks at the question of potentially "less harmful" substitutes for cigarettes


Plastics Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Living in a world swimming in synthetic chemicals


A Gram Per Gun

How U.S. guns fuel Mexican cartels' drug empire