Access to Health Care


Pacific Island Health Workers Call For Diplomacy

Innovation and international partnerships enable clinicians to deliver equitable care to diverse and dispersed groups


Build an Oxygen Ecosystem

COVID drew attention to the need for medical oxygen. Now donors need a plan to make it sustainable


The Expansion of Virtual Emergency Care

Phones, cameras, and call centers improve patients’ access to health care in Pakistan


Why Harassing International NGOs Is Bad for Health

Authoritarian leaders inadvertently weaken their countries' health infrastructure when they legislate against nonprofits


Protecting the Health of Displaced People

Employing a "leave no one behind" approach


Islamophobia in the Delivery Room During a Crisis

A new physician copes with death and colleagues' prejudice against a patient's cultural and religious identity


How India Can Achieve Universal Health Coverage

Empowering community health workers with digital tools will bridge health-care gaps


Wrangling Over the International Pandemic Pact Has Begun  

Drug and vaccine access are among the contentious issues


Three Years In

As India approaches the third anniversary of COVID, Ramanan Laxminarayan takes the temperature of the country's health


India Needs Cancer Care Outside its Big Cities

India's poorest often travel hundreds of kilometers to access cancer care


The Disturbing Details Behind a Dip in U.S. Life Expectancy 

A deep drop among American Indian and Alaska Native peoples is linked to policy failures that predate the pandemic


The United States Has a Primary Care Problem

It lags far behind when it comes to providing primary health care for Black and Hispanic Americans