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    Just How Do Deaths Due to COVID-19 Stack Up?

    Despite a likely undercount in many places, COVID-19 is the leading killer in most of Latin America and Western Europe


    The United States COVID-19 Testing Debacle

    Understanding why the U.S. response to COVID-19 was marred by challenges


    The Global COVID-19 Contract Conundrum

    The critical role of contracts in determining access to COVID-19 vaccines


    Why is Southeast Asia Responding Differently to COVID-19?

    Fundamental differences and objectives between nation states in Southeast Asia influence their responses to COVID-19


    The Double Threat of COVID-19 in Africa

    Deaths from health-care disruptions due to COVID-19 are almost certain to outnumber deaths from the coronavirus itself


    The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Bad. Could it Have Been Even Worse?

    A look at how pre-pandemic health-care trends affected COVID-19 mortality rates


    The Thousand Natural Shocks of COVID-19

    Assessing the psychological impacts of coronavirus—first in a two-part series on COVID-19 and its mental health burden


    Overcoming COVID-19 Misinformation in Africa

    Country borders and language barriers do little to stop the spread of unverified scientific claims about COVID-19


    Taiwan's Response to COVID-19 and the WHO

    An interview with Taiwanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaushieh Joseph Wu on Taiwan's response to COVID-19 and the WHO


    Spotify's COVID-19 Controversy

    How artists Neil Young and Joni Mitchell took a stand against COVID-19 disinformation