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How the U.S. COVID-19 Response Lost the Plot After Omicron

The reasons why the United States is struggling with COVID-19 are changing

The Global COVID-19 Contract Conundrum

The critical role of contracts in determining access to COVID-19 vaccines

The Double Threat of COVID-19 in Africa

Deaths from health-care disruptions due to COVID-19 are almost certain to outnumber deaths from the coronavirus itself

Why is Southeast Asia Responding Differently to COVID-19?

Fundamental differences and objectives between nation states in Southeast Asia influence their responses to COVID-19

Data Visualization

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Just How Do Deaths Due to COVID-19 Stack Up?

Despite a likely undercount in many places, COVID-19 is the leading killer in most of Latin America and Western Europe

Tracking Lives We've Lost to COVID-19

It's surprisingly hard to answer how many lives we've lost to COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Bad. Could it Have Been Even Worse?

A look at how pre-pandemic health-care trends affected COVID-19 mortality rates

Reducing the Risk of COVID-19 This Holiday Season

We can save lives by postponing our holiday gatherings until vaccination is widespread


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Taiwan's Response to COVID-19 and the WHO

An interview with Taiwanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaushieh Joseph Wu on Taiwan's response to COVID-19 and the WHO

Omicron BA.5: What to Know About COVID-19's Latest, More Contagious Variant

Public health expert Ali H. Mokdad answers our COVID questions this week 

North Korea's COVID-19 Crisis: An Impossible Outbreak in the "Impossible State"

Victor Cha, Korea chair at CSIS, on the health, political, and economic factors shaping North Korea's outbreak

Racism as a Public Health Crisis

Interview with Minneapolis City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins on the intersection of race, health, and COVID-19


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The Art of a Pandemic

COVID-19 street art from around the world

Going Viral

An Interview with author Alina Chan on her new book about the origins of COVID-19

Best Books of 2021

Our top fifteen favorite reads of the year

Best of 2021

We published 365 stories on global health this year, here are our top picks


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The Biden Administration and COVID-19

Contributors consider the priorities for a new U.S. administration  

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