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Just How Do Deaths Due to COVID-19 Stack Up?

Despite a likely undercount in many places, COVID-19 is the leading killer in most of Latin America and Western Europe

Tracking Lives We've Lost to COVID-19

It's surprisingly hard to answer how many lives we've lost to COVID-19

Reducing the Risk of COVID-19 This Holiday Season

We can save lives by postponing our holiday gatherings until vaccination is widespread

The Thousand Natural Shocks of COVID-19

Assessing the psychological impacts of coronavirus—first in a two-part series on COVID-19 and its mental health burden

COVID-19 and Democracy in Indonesia: Short-Term Stability and Long-Term Threats

The lasting implications of the pandemic could undermine the quality of Indonesian democracy

Ending the COVID-19 Pandemic Hinges on Trust

Science alone won't pull us out of the pandemic

COVID-19 This Week: The Tide Is Beginning to Turn, But Is Still Very High

The better we understand coronavirus, our risk, and our response with real-time intelligence, the better we can fight it

Noncommunicable Diseases Kill Slowly in Normal Times and Quickly in COVID-19 Times

Why addressing chronic diseases is crucial for future pandemic preparedness

High-Risk Populations for Severe COVID-19 Infections in the United States

About one quarter of the U.S. adult population could be considered high risk for severe COVID-19 infections

Five Problems With the Swedish Approach to COVID-19

As herd immunity remains elusive, Sweden’s experience seems to be a cautionary tale—Norway and Denmark have fared better

Don't Wait for COVID-19 to End Before Addressing Cardiovascular Diseases

Unfortunately, many countries are likely to be battling both diseases for a long time

Avoiding Another COVID-19 Surge in the United States

Keeping tabs on movement, infections, and testing are crucial to containing the virus

Writing a More Inclusive Playbook: How COVID-19 Is Impacting LGBTQ+ Communities Around the World

Policymakers should heed lessons learned in 2020 to craft a more inclusive and effective pandemic response

Uncertainty and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Understand and embrace uncertainty to get the most out of forecasts

Preparing for the COVID-19 Surge in the United States

States such as Louisiana, New York, Michigan, and North Carolina are likely to be among the hardest hit

How Congo's 2018 Ebola Outbreak Can Inform the Middle East's Response to COVID-19

Countries in the MENA region can learn from both the successes and failures of past outbreaks in conflict zones

COVID-19 Has a Strong Chance of Winning on November 3

Surging infection numbers suggest coronavirus cases will continue to increase in every state until the U.S. election

Health-Systems Strengthening in the Age of COVID-19

As the pandemic stresses many health-systems to their breaking point, it’s more important than ever to bolster them now

Africa is not Starting from Scratch on COVID-19

Success against coronavirus will require national leadership, engaged local responders, and strong cooperation with NGOs

Through Understanding and Empathy, We Can Convince Women to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Many are concerned about side effects, and want to wait and see if the vaccine is safe

Travel Restrictions on China due to COVID-19

A new global tracker mapping the impact of the new coronavirus on movement around the world

Japan's Olympic-Size Gamble on COVID-19

The summer games host is only on the third leg of its pandemic relay

Countries Hit Hardest by COVID-19

The numbers could surprise you

Spare the Vote, Spoil the Virus?

Health security measures taken for elections by country

Ten Million Tests in Ten Days

Inside Wuhan’s massive COVID-19 testing campaign, which China is expected to repeat elsewhere—just not with antibodies

The Middle-Income Nation Squeeze

Equity and the global COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Estimating the Latin Wave of Coronavirus

Projections show potential impact of COVID-19 on Latin America—Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Ecuador among the hardest hit

Vaccine Spheres of Influence Tracker

Tracking COVID-19 vaccine administration and access around the world

Does Healthier Mean Wealthier? Measuring Countries' Economic Performance During the Pandemic

An effective government response to COVID-19 doesn't necessarily correlate with economic gain

Quarantined: Federalism in Action at Home and Abroad

Lessons from around the world on how national and subnational governments can cooperate in response to COVID-19

There Is No Place Like Home for the Holidays

U.S. air travel reaches record levels during the pandemic as COVID-19 cases surge across the country

Coronavirus Epidemiology This Week

We won’t stop COVID-19 until we focus on the data that matter

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When collecting COVID-19 data and modeling epidemic curves, we need to take more into account—in Africa and elsewhere

Handwashing Is Crucial for Combating Coronavirus

Expanded hand-washing access could save thousands of lives from diseases like COVID-19—especially in low-income settings

Italy's Vaccination Strategy: Careful Planning and Building Trust

Despite challenges with vaccine shipments, Italy's vaccination campaign moves full speed ahead

Time for a Health Check: the Reality of Vaccine Rollout in Ecuador

Immunizing nine million people in one hundred days will take careful strategy

Tracking Coronavirus in Countries With and Without Travel Bans

Travel restrictions have neither stopped the spread of this novel coronavirus nor prevented it from becoming a pandemic

Wanted: One Billion Booster Shots

What the COVID-19 booster shot debate means for global vaccine access

Billions Committed, Millions Delivered

The mixed record of vaccine donations and diplomacy

Gender Equality in the Global Return to School

COVID-19 is threatening to unravel decades of progress on women's education

Tackling the U.S. Coronavirus Data Catastrophe

Recommendations for the Biden-Harris COVID-19 response national strategy

Where the Sidewalk Ends

The implications of COVID-19 for urban health

Health Starts at Home: The Crisis of Rising Evictions During a Pandemic

Rising evictions will drive COVID-19 infection rates, unless the United States makes housing security a priority

All Bets Are Off for Measuring Pandemic Preparedness

Three standard measures don't predict how countries fare in COVID-19—so how do we better prepare for the next pandemic?

Lessons From an Aging Asia

How will demographic shifts affect workforce, health care, gender equality, disaster response, and societal well-being?

The Politics of Vaccine Donation and Diplomacy

Is a friend in need a friend indeed?

Setting Expectations for the Return to "Normal"

As the China epicenter slowly returns to new normal, it's a world of facemasks, location scanning apps and travel rules

South Asia Needs to Upgrade Its Pandemic Agenda

A focus on regional collaboration is imperative

Masks: The Easiest Way to Save Lives and Spare Jobs

All U.S. states have a long way to go on achieving widespread public mask use—which could save 33,000 lives by October 1

Funding Pandemic Preparedness: A Global Public Good

Pandemics in a globalized world require global responses. We must be better equipped and funded.

The Virus Doesn't Discriminate, But Hate Crimes Tell a Different Story

Addressing the rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans

E-Cigarettes and the U.S. Menthol Ban: A Missed Opportunity to Protect Youth

The FDA's recent promise to ban menthol-flavored tobacco needs to go further, nixing flavors in all tobacco products

The Long Road to Universal Health Coverage

President-Elect Joe Biden's team can learn from other democracies on how to move the needle on universal health coverage

Tackling the World’s Most Vexing Diseases Through Data

A call to re-shape the way policymakers make health decisions by getting the most cost-effective priorities straight