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Diet-related disease is linked to eight out of ten leading causes of death worldwide, and obesity is on the rise in many countries. One out of every nine people in the world today is undernourished, and with looming climate changes and growing populations, food insecurity looms as a major global challenge for the future. This section examines the ways in which food policies and systems impact environmental health, equity, and human well-being.


The Market, the Clinic, the Lung, and the Lab

An interview with University of Iowa expert Stanley Perlman on what we know and what we don’t about the new coronavirus

To Encourage Healthy Eating, Use the Carrot, Not Just the Stick

As communities consider taxing sugary drinks, they should also consider the critical role of healthy food subsidies



Coronavirus and America's Food Supply

Swift action to ensure worker safety, robust food inspections, and sustained supply chains should be top U.S. priorities


COVID-19 and America’s Migrant Workforce

Need health care and groceries? Congress should protect the immigrant workforce—even if the Trump Administration won't


COVID-19: This Crisis Should Make Us Stronger

As efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 succeed, those who are better off must help the most vulnerable