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Joyful and Painful Tales of Migrant Reunions

Why integration services for immigrant families matter

Roe's Repeal Inspires Abortion Rollbacks in Other Countries

The U.S. dismantling of abortion protections has seeped beyond borders

Transforming Data into Health Action in Nigeria

by Rachel Nuwer - February 15, 2024

An interview with Roux Prize-winner Ibrahim Abubakar on the importance of using data to drive public health impact

Attendees applaud at the launch of the Bureau of Global Health Security and Diplomacy at the State Department.

Global Health Security and Diplomacy in 2024: Lead, Leverage, and Elevate

Series: Alcohol and Global Health

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Examining the underappreciated and growing impact of alcohol on global health

A Russian Prescription to Reduce Alcohol Use

Sustained changes to alcohol policy in Russia have contributed to big gains in life expectancy

At COP28, the Climate-Health Nexus Turned a Corner, for Better and Worse

Health got more attention, a change that magnifies the unprecedented dangers an unprepared world faces