Second Year Anniversary

To mark our second year of global health coverage in unprecedented times, we feature articles and interviews with individuals who are shaping global health. Our topics range from governance, the environment, and gender to trade, aging, COVID-19, and the war in Ukraine. These articles give hope when we really need it—but they also mirror the work that lies ahead in global health.

Are Leaders Born or Created?

Becoming a successful physician-leader in Kenya—and anywhere—goes well beyond medical training

Growing Old in China in the Age of Abundance

A rapidly aging population has witnessed China's ascension to economic security, due in part to better health


Three Lessons for Trade and Health

What the COVID-19 pandemic taught us about the relationship between trade and health


Four Failures and an Invasion

Comparing responses to COVID-19 and the Ukraine war points to a difficult future for global health


A Chance to Give Back

Reflecting on a medical calling and working in the war-torn Nuba mountains in Sudan


Urban Design and the Shift from "Doing Less Harm" to "Doing Good"

Architects Richard Hassell and Wong Mun Summ on building design that gives back to the community, city, and environment


COVID-19 Led to Worse Social and Economic Consequences for Women

Around the globe, the pandemic set back girls and women in education, work, and homes


Indigenous Land Guardianship Around the World 

An interview with conservationist and Nia Tero founder Peter Seligmann