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Young Voices in Global Health

Commentary and research by the newest and brightest voices in global and public health

North Carolina's New Strategy to Tackle Maternal Mortality

Black women are more likely to die in childbirth, but doula services could save lives

Power Cuts in South Africa Wreak Havoc on Health Care

New and alternative energy solutions are needed to keep pace with hospitals' needs


Vaccine Equity: Changing the Status Quo

High-income countries need to take responsibility for COVID failures and commit to a realignment of global structures


China's Attack on a Top Industrial Health Hazard

How China is bringing the devastating lung disease pneumoconiosis to its knees


Legal, Safe, and Affordable

The state of global abortion access


Russia's War on Food

Russia's own food security is yet another casualty of its eight-year war in Ukraine


Suicide and Indian Housewives

In India, the chances of dying by suicide jump drastically if a woman is a housewife


The War on Childhood in Yemen

Halcyon summers have given way to famine, conflict, and loss


Periods Don't Stop For Conflict

Addressing women's health in Ukraine and other conflict zones


The World's First Climate Change Conflict Continues

Darfur is now on its own, fighting a forgotten war compounded by climate change


How Global Warming is Affecting Health

How global warming is affecting health and how leadership dropped the ball at COP26


Breaking "Code Red": Why Words Matter When Talking About Menstruation

How vernacular perpetuates stigma and shame, portraying menstruation as "unclean"