Personal Essays on Health

Contributors describe how global health has impacted their lives 

Multigenerational Voices from the Wreckage of War-Torn Ukraine

We should listen carefully to those under attack, and hear what they have to tell us

Crashes, Cop Outs, and COVID

A week in the life of a doctor from Namibia


The Missing Girls of India: A National Shame

A call to reform the institutions and cultural practices that perpetuate gender biases against girls


Ill-Equipped to Heal

A personal story of COVID-19 in Kenya


The War on Childhood in Yemen

Halcyon summers have given way to famine, conflict, and loss


I Am an ER Doctor in New York City

The unseen mental and emotional cost of the COVID-19 pandemic—chronicled in the journals of one emergency physician


Cancer Doesn't Stop For You, Millennial

So don't skip out on your annual wellness exam, a young cancer survivor warns


"Last to Leave and the First to Die"

Afghanistan's LGBTQI+ community needs support