Climate Change


Seventeen Years Later, HBO Film "Katrina Babies" Asks Child Hurricane Survivors How They Feel

"In America, especially during disaster, Black children are not even a thought"

Building for Heat

Heat waves are taking lives, draining rivers, parching crops, and motivating efforts to adapt to climate change


Italy's Po River

How a recent heat wave is affecting Italy's longest river


In Parched Zimbabwe, Climate Change Pushes Tsetse to New Areas

Health experts will monitor tsetse-caused sleeping sickness to stem its spread


From Scalpels to Security

Examining the intersection of global surgery, climate change, and human security


Tackling Food Security and Sustainability

At last week's World Trade Organization ministerial conference, negotiators found their sea legs


Climate Change and Incarceration

People in prison are vulnerable to extreme temperatures, diseases, and displacement


Heat, Dust, Fever

India's climate adaptation plan for health should reflect regional and national needs


Rising from the Ashes

An interview with Phoenix, Arizona, Mayor Kate Gallego


Climate Change and Global Surgery

Access to surgical care doesn't have to harm the environment and future generations


Indigenous Land Guardianship Around the World 

An interview with conservationist and Nia Tero founder Peter Seligmann 


Four Failures and an Invasion

Comparing responses to COVID-19 and the Ukraine war points to a difficult future for global health


Urban Design and the Shift from "Doing Less Harm" to "Doing Good"

Architects Richard Hassell and Wong Mun Summ on building design that gives back to the community, city, and environment


A New Era of Climate Action Calls for Climate Doctors

Educating this generation of physicians in climate resilience is critical