Climate Change


Reimagining the Future of Climate Health With AI

Harnessing the power of generative AI for health promotion and climate action

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World leaders should act quickly to support countries on the frontlines of climate-sensitive diseases


Eyes on Disease X: Ranking the Next Pandemic

University of California, Davis has expanded its SpillOver tool to assess the pandemic potential of dangerous pathogens


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Zambia's Cholera Outbreak Rings Warning Bells on Climate Change

Cholera spikes are one of many signs foretelling the rapid emergence of climate-sensitive diseases


How Medical Education Is Adapting to Climate Change

Educational initiatives are sprouting to help doctors and nurses confront the health threats created by climate change


COP28 Sparks Urgency Amid Climate Funding Shortfall

Multilateral organizations should finance climate adaptation and mitigation efforts to combat climate change's harms


Bringing Health-Care's Carbon Emissions to Zero

Countries renewed their commitment to reducing the health-care sector's climate impact at COP28


Global Health Security and Diplomacy in 2024: Lead, Leverage, and Elevate

Discussions will intensify in 2024 to strengthen the global health security architecture


AI to Air Quality: Looking Back at COP28

A physician emissary recounts on-the-ground health takeaways from COP28


Health Care’s Climate Footprint: Saving Lives without Costing the Earth

How climate change and health supply chains are inherently connected


At COP28, the Climate-Health Nexus Turned a Corner, for Better and Worse

Health got more attention, a change that magnifies the unprecedented dangers an unprepared world faces


Climate Change’s Hidden Mental Toll On Children

New evidence reveals that the climate crisis affects neurological and mental well-being more than previously understood


Climate Change and Health at COP28

The conference in Dubai seeks to elevate health in climate policy