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    Protecting Mental Health in the Era of a Warming Planet

    It's often forgotten that mental health is influenced by climate change


    Religion’s Role in Mental Health

    Spirituality has known benefits to an individual’s mental health and well-being


    A Neglected Challenge of Mental Health

    Latin American and Caribbean countries rank among the world’s happiest, but mental health remains an undiscussed issue


    Spirituality and Mental Health

    A movement blossoming in the Philippines among health and religious leaders aims to incorporate spirituality into health


    Global Progress on Mental Health

    Ten years into the WHO Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan


    Mental Health Care in Rwanda: Three Decades of Resilience

    Insights into Rwanda's strategies and successes in building mental health services after genocide


    Roadblocks to Gen Z's Mental Health Care

    Struggles felt by Gen Z spotlight the issues of mental health-care access in the United States


    Children of Immigrants and Their Mental Health Needs

    We should create more comprehensive, accessible, and culturally sensitive initiatives for U.S. children of immigrants


    The Seismic Shift in Mental Health Care Since COVID-19

    Isolation, job loss, and gender based violence contributed to the uptick in people living with anxiety and depression


    Better Mental Health Care Is Unlikely to Fix America's Gun Problem

    But reducing alcohol use, promoting gun-free homes, and curbing domestic violence hold promise


    A Visit with the UCLA Art & Global Health Center  

    A creative director and his team meld public health and art with communities around the globe


    The Power of Health Information for People with Disabilities

    Knowledge gaps, data deficits, and stigma have stalled access to health information and care