Anish Arora

Anish Arora is a PhD Candidate in family medicine and primary care at McGill University and a Vanier Scholar awarded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Anish holds an MSc specializing in Medical Education from McGill University and a BSc in honors biology with a minor in psychology from McMaster University. Through his doctoral work, which is supervised by Dr. Bertrand Lebouché, Anish seeks to understand how we can improve healthcare systems to be more equitable and truly respond to the needs of migrant people living with HIV. In this regard, and with the help of his supervisor, he works with a large interdisciplinary team – composed of migrant HIV patients, partners from community-based organizations, HIV-specialist clinicians, and HIV-focused researchers (including assistants and coordinators) – to identify barriers and facilitators to HIV care for migrants, their needs, their care experiences, and their care outcomes with unique models of HIV care (e.g., multidisciplinary care with free HIV treatment for all, rapid treatment initiation, and treatment dispensation on-site). 



Religion’s Role in Mental Health

Spirituality has known benefits to an individual’s mental health and well-being