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Democracy and Coronavirus

Coronavirus Isn't Just a Threat to Public Health – It's a Major Danger to Democracy

Besides its obviously destructive impacts on public health and on the global economy, COVID-19 has sparked a serious decline in democratic rights and freedoms in many countries. This series explores the immediate impact of COVID-19 on several of the world's biggest democracies – Brazil, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, and the United States. 

This series is made possible by the generous support of the Henry Luce Foundation.

The Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 on U.S. Democracy

It will take years until political analysts can definitively assess the pandemic's impact on U.S. democracy

How COVID-19 Proved a Boon for Dutertismo –With Long-Term Damage to Philippine Democracy

The pandemic could push the Philippines' fragile democracy over the edge into enduring illiberalism

A Moment of Truth for Bolsonaro

It's unclear whether the pandemic will have any significant effect on Brazilian politics over the long term

COVID-19 and Democracy in Indonesia: Short-Term Stability and Long-Term Threats

The lasting implications of the pandemic could undermine the quality of Indonesian democracy

India: Moving Forward After "Humanitarian Calamity"

The pandemic, Modi, and what's next for the world's largest democracy

The End of New Zealand's Zero-COVID Policy

Many worry it will magnify existing inequalities