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Coronavirus in India

India reeled from a devastating surge in COVID infections and deaths in the spring of 2021, magnifying deficits within its health-care system and the need to revamp health policies. This series highlights India’s pandemic struggles and solutions moving forward.

COVID in India: Drawing Lessons From its Biggest Public Health Crisis

India needs to address inequities in rural health-care access, quality and infrastructure

The Winding Road to Free COVID Vaccines in India

Why one of the world's top vaccine producers has wrestled with vaccination at home

Why U.S. Vaccine Nationalism Hurts India

Stockpiling COVID-19 jabs cannot be more important than saving human lives

South Asia Needs a New Playbook (Now) to Stop the Coronavirus Catastrophe

COVID-19 offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to correct years of health security neglect and chronic under-investment

The Myth of South Asian Exceptionalism

South Asia's young population conceals the effects that COVID-19 has on its older and more vulnerable people

Coronavirus in India

Mitigating the health effects of COVID-19 beyond the immediate

We Must Let a Million Flowers Bloom

For India to thrive, the voluntary, non-governmental organization sector must survive