Shaffi Fazaludeen Koya

Shaffi Fazaludeen Koya is a research analyst with the Rockefeller Foundation-Boston University 3-D Commission on Health Determinants, Data, and Decision Making. A PhD candidate at Boston University School of Public Health, he is a physician by training and holds master’s degree in public health and business administration. He has worked for the World Health Organization India country office, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia on a range of public health portfolios including polio eradication, tuberculosis and visceral leishmaniasis elimination, and acute malnutrition in children. He was the Indian lead for an African Development Bank-funded project that supported public and private partnerships in Africa's health sector. Most recently, Dr. Fazaludeen Koya was a consultant to the Secretariat of the Independent Panel on Pandemic Preparedness established by the WHO Director-General. He currently supports the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean to evaluate outbreak rapid response teams. Previously, he served as medical advisor for a major television campaign on TB in India and he has hosted televised health discussions.


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