Infectious Disease

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Drug-Resistant Malaria Is Up 1,000 Percent in Myanmar

Civil conflict and disease compound in the eastern border regions


Ebola in Uganda

An interview with emergency physician and Ebola survivor Craig Spencer


Measles is Raging in Afghanistan

A nationwide vaccination campaign is urgently needed, say CDC measles experts


Confronting an Invisible Enemy in Ukraine

The insidious march of infectious diseases during war 


Wrong Code

How many HIV/AIDS deaths are we missing?


The Pandemic and the Future of India's Foreign Policy

Mismanagement of COVID-19 at home squandered India's advantages in vaccine diplomacy


How to Build a Global COVID-19 Surveillance Program

A call to action and a blueprint to pave the way


Why Neglected Tropical Diseases Still Matter

Ending neglected tropical diseases is necessary for a brighter future


The Silent Spread of STDs During the Pandemic

With STD testing shortage, health-care providers fear undetected spread


Spread of COVID-19 Variants Adds to Urgency of Disease Control Efforts

Increasing evidence suggests new COVID-19 variants are more transmissible between people


Institutional Failures in COVID-19

The pandemic shows us why organizations should separate nurturing partner and policing health authority roles