Health Care


Roadblocks to Gen Z's Mental Health Care

Struggles felt by Gen Z spotlight the issues of mental health-care access in the United States

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The Dangers of Privatizing Health Care in Argentina

Milei's controversial health-care overhaul sparks protests


Parkers Resilient Health Takes on Nigeria's Climate Challenges

The telemedicine platform aims to expand health-care services to people living in flood prone regions


Bringing Health-Care's Carbon Emissions to Zero

Countries renewed their commitment to reducing the health-care sector's climate impact at COP28


Pacific Island Health Workers Call For Diplomacy

Innovation and international partnerships enable clinicians to deliver equitable care to diverse and dispersed groups


The Threat of Bogus Doctors in Africa

Social media is propelling the popularity and reach of medical frauds in South Africa and Malawi


Reflections on Nikki Haley’s Health Policy and Foreign Aid Positions

Haley’s past and current stances on health and foreign aid