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Urban Health

The future of global health is urban health. Cities—where 56 percent of the globe's population currently live and 68 percent are projected to live by 2050—are at the front lines of challenges that will define global health in the coming decades: from climate change, pollution, and water shortages, to conflict, unhealthy lifestyles, and human innovation

NATO for Health

Why the health of the world's cities needs a model more like NATO than the WHO

Syndemic Urbanism: Urban Injustice in Traumatized Cities

How violence, neglect, and health are entangled in urban territories

Adapting Our Cities to the Future 

Why cities need to plan for climate change now 

Cities: Creating Transformative Spaces that Address Climate and Health

Nature-based and social solutions benefit cities in low- and middle-income countries

Learning from Lagos

How a "lite" rapid transit system in the Nigerian city transformed commuting

Smoggy Cities

Ghostly images of some of the world's most polluted metropolises

A Touch of Green

Snapshots from cities creating green spaces and sustainable structures