Deepa Jahagirdar

Deepa Jahagirdar completed her PhD in epidemiology at McGill University in Montreal before joining the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in 2018. She particularly enjoys using her training and experience in statistical methods, analyzing large quantities of data and epidemiology to distill complex information into an elegant story. This conviction drives her interest in data visualization, modeling disease burden, and in particular understanding the social drivers that underlie their patterns. It also drives her strong interests as a writer, in teaching, and ultimately in finding the beauty in chaos.


Criminalizing HIV Slows Progress

Discriminatory laws keep people from seeking care and prevention information


Age in the Age of COVID-19

Ageism and the opportunity to be different


Coronavirus and the Cruel Cost of Closing Borders

Travel bans rarely prevent disease spread, but they have negative consequences—and may violate international health law


Reducing the Global Burden of HIV/AIDS—What Does the Future Hold?

Despite successes, continued progress is at risk—hinges on addressing social, cultural, political responses to disease