Global Health


Foreign Policy and Global Health in a Multipolar, Multi-Crisis World

After COVID, foreign policy on global health operates in a different political ecosystem

The Polarized Pandemic

COVID-19 has contributed to the fragmentation of domestic and international politics


Harlem to Harare

Dr. Mary Bassett on how her upbringing and decades in Africa influenced her thinking about health in the United States


Just How Do Deaths Due to COVID-19 Stack Up?

Despite a likely undercount in many places, COVID is among the leading causes of death in most countries  


Why Harassing International NGOs Is Bad for Health

Authoritarian leaders inadvertently weaken their countries' health infrastructure when they legislate against nonprofits


PEPFAR in a Global Democratic Recession

At age twenty, PEPFAR's continued success depends on weathering an illiberal wave worldwide


Deep Sea Discoveries and Global Health

Humans have only begun to explore the ocean's potential for healing diseases


Zombie Viruses From the Arctic

Thawing permafrost is releasing microbes from the Neanderthal era—how real is the risk for public health?


Outer Space and Global Health

Space has become more important to global health, creating new challenges and exacerbating old problems


Expanding Mobile Medical Care to Fight Hunger

In Somalia, addressing malnutrition and infectious disease together


Islamophobia in the Delivery Room During a Crisis

A new physician copes with death and colleagues' prejudice against a patient's cultural and religious identity


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Best Books of 2022

The novels, nonfiction, and media our colleagues at the Council on Foreign Relations enjoyed most this year