One Year Anniversary

To commemorate our first year of global health coverage in unprecedented times, we've asked some of the leading voices in global health to offer insight on how that last year has affected the ways we think about and interact with the broader global community today. In topics ranging from governance, migration, and the environment, and to food, trade, and gender, our anniversary selection showcases the many ways in which global health matters.


Where the Sidewalk Ends

The implications of COVID-19 for urban health

Don't Let COVID-19 Push Women and Girls Behind

COVID-19 response plans can only be effective if they properly address the needs of women and girls


A Path to Global Citizenship for the United States: Building Back Better in Global Health

The United States should earn back the trust of its allies and fulfill its obligations to restore U.S. global leadership


Trade in the Time of Pandemics

With borders closed and global travel constrained, trade will help us find a way out of the pandemic


Should the Threat of Pandemics End the Age of Mobility?

Permanent travel restrictions do not demonstrate a meaningful impact on health outcomes


COVID-19's Unmasking of Health Inequities in the United States

It's more important than ever for policymakers to address the social determinants of health


How Does China's Pollution Control Shed Light on Its Pathogen Control?

The zealous pursuit of pollution or pathogen control is built into a top-down, state dominated policy structure


Food Fight: Fighting for Healthier Food is a Life-or-Death Struggle

Governments should act now to build resilient populations, protected from nutrition-related diseases


We May Never Get to Herd Immunity

Vaccine hesitancy and other behavioral risks reduce the likelihood of herd immunity