Alcohol and Global Health

In 2019, alcohol use was the leading risk factor for attributable burden of disease among people ages 25 to 49, the second-leading risk factor among ages 10 to 24, and the ninth-leading risk factor among all ages. This series examines the underappreciated and growing impact of alcohol on global health.

Alcohol: A Public Health Blind Spot

Richard Yoast on alcohol consumption and how philanthropies could help curb excess drinking   

Alcohol in Excess

How the World Health Organization plans to curb excess drinking across countries

The Curious Case of Japan's Alcohol Contest

Japan's young people are turning away from alcohol, but its tax agency wants to reverse the trend

For Young Men, Alcohol Does Not Have to Be a Death Sentence

For males ages 15 to 49, drinking alcohol causes nearly 10 percent of all years lost to death and disability

Reducing Alcohol-Related Deaths in Lithuania

How the country is cutting down on deaths related to excess drinking