Benedetta Armocida

Benedetta Armocida is a public health professional working as a senior researcher at the Italian National Institute of Health. A medical doctor by training, she also has MA in tropical medicine and global health, she is currently a PhD candidate in Global Health at the University of Geneva. She has dedicated the past years to the global health sector trying to commit to better and equitable health for the most vulnerable people. Her main research topics are NCDs prevention and management, adolescents’ health, migrants’ health, health policy, gender-based violence and system strengthening. Benedetta is also a collaborator within the Global Burden of Disease Study. She is also the co-founder and president of, a non-profit association, which aims to promote the right to health for all and to increase awareness of global health topics through research, information, and education.  


Aging and Displaced

The health and well-being of millions of older people around the world are threatened by violence and war