Beatrice Formenti

Beatrice is a nurse by background and she is currently studying for a master's degree in international health. After some experiences in the field of travel medicine and migrant health, she has dedicated the past two years to work on European and national projects for screening and diagnosis of tuberculosis in migrants in the province of Brescia. She is currently a research assistant at the UNESCO Chair, training and empowering human resources in low-income countries, at the University of Brescia, where her main research and projects topics are infectious diseases, migrants' health, vulnerabilities, and equity in health. She is the co-founder and vice-president of the non-profit association, which aims to promote the right to health for all, and to disseminate global health topics through research, information, and education. 


Aging and Displaced

The health and well-being of millions of older people around the world are threatened by violence and war