Scott P. Layne

Scott Layne is a physician-scientist, professor emeritus at the UCLA School of Public Health, and member of Pandefense Advisory, an interdisciplinary network of experts engaged in pandemic preparedness and response. Dr. Layne's cross-disciplinary work includes epidemiologic modeling, applied virology, biosecurity policy, and designing laboratory technologies for analyzing infectious disease samples to inform situational awareness of outbreaks and pandemics. He also served as Principal Investigator of the NIAID/NIH Centers of Excellence for Rapid Influenza Surveillance and Response, which conducted national and international studies of animal and human-derived influenza strains. As a practicing infectious disease physician, he has cared for COVID-19 patients throughout the pandemic, an experience that continues to inform his perspectives.



How to Build a Global COVID-19 Surveillance Program

A call to action and a blueprint to pave the way