Rachel Silverman

Rachel Silverman is a policy fellow at the Center for Global Development, where she leads policy-oriented research on global health financing and incentive structures. Silverman’s current research focuses on the practical application of results-based financing, global health transitions, efficient global health procurement, innovation models for global health, priority-setting for universal health care, alignment and impact in international funding for family planning, and strategies to strengthen evidence and accountability. Before joining the Center for Global Development in 2011 she worked with the National Democratic Institute to support democracy and governance strengthening programs in Kosovo. She holds a master’s of philosophy with distinction in public health from the University of Cambridge, which she attended as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. She also holds a BA with distinction in international relations and economics from Stanford University.


A New Way to Drive COVID-19 Vaccine Development

How a "benefit-based advance market commitment" could build on existing Gavi COVAX and EU Joint Procurement initiatives