Joelle Dountio O.

Joelle Dountio Ofimboudem is a global health lawyer and advocate with high-level legal research, analytical and writing skills. Having worked with regional and grassroots civil society organizations in sub-Saharan Africa on human rights promotion, access to health care services and access to medicines, Ofimboudem has developed a wealth of health policy analysis and advocacy skills. Thanks to a recently completed and Master of Laws (LL.M) in Global Health Law at Georgetown Law Center, Ofimboudem has over the last year been more motivated toward broader global health policy and advocacy work to noncommunicable diseases risk factors like tobacco control through a recently completed legal internship with the Risk Factors and Nutrition Unit at the Pan American Health Organization. Ofimboudem's combination of working experience on global health policy and advocacy in Africa and the United States enables a solid grasp of the global health challenges in both low-income and high-income countries and the ability to contribute to global health equity.


Coronavirus Drugs—To Have and Have Not

Africa's least developed countries should apply a WTO patent waiver, to import generic versions of future COVID-19 drugs