David Nabarro

David Nabarro is Co-Director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation and Professor of Global Health at Imperial College, London. He is Strategic Director of the Swiss-based social enterprise 4SD (Skills Systems and Synergies for Sustainable Development). He is committed to the incorporation of Nature-based Solutions within climate action and sustainable development. He curates the Food Systems Dialogues and serves on the Lead Group of the Movement for Scaling Up Nutrition. He worked in the World Health Organization between 1999 and 2005, then for the UN Secretariat on food security, nutrition, the 2014–2015 Ebola outbreak response, sustainable development, and climate change.



A Tribute to Peter Salama, a Champion of People in Fragile States and War-Torn Places

Original director of WHO Health Emergencies Program, he fought against Ebola and for Universal Health Coverage worldwide