Daniel Lucey

Daniel Lucey, MD, MPH, FIDSA, is an Infectious Disease and Public Health physician who specializes in epidemics. He has gone overseas every year since 2003, traveling to China and Canada in 2003 during SARS; to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, and China during avian flu in 2004-2009; to MENA and S. Korea during MERS in 2013-2015; to Sierra Leone and Liberia during Ebola in 2014-2015; also traveling to Recife for Zika, Kinshasa for Yellow Fever, and Karachi for Chikungunya in 2016; and going to Madagascar during a plague outbreak in 2017. On Feb. 11 he will go to China for the novel coronavirus epidemic.

In 2014 he proposed an exhibition on epidemics to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History involving many of the above zoonotic viral epidemics. It is open 2018-2021. One Health is the unifying theme. A traveling version of the Exhibit  has been translated into 5 languages and shown in over 120 locations across 40 nations. 


Coronavirus—Unknown Source, Unrecognized Spread, and Pandemic Potential

With novel coronavirus expected to become pandemic, it’s past time to prioritize Africa where cases are likely occurring