Naïmatou Moussa

Naïmatou Moussa was born and grew up in Togo, West Africa in a community where access to education and essential health services are a privilege for women. She was fortunate to go to school and graduated with a medical doctorate degree from the University of Thiès in Senegal.

She now lives and works in Thiès as a community medical doctor with a local association called Association Docteur Nakamou. Part of Dr. Moussa's work is to advocate for noncommunicable diseases prevention in low- and middle-income countries. As a cancer patient currently under chemotherapy treatment herself, she works to ensure that underserved populations, especially women, can access information and strategies for cancer primary prevention in Africa. Through her work, she also contributes to the fight against domestic and sexual violence. 

As a communication and advocacy manager for Women in Global Health, Francophone West Africa, Dr. Moussa works to advance equity in health governance worldwide, especially in Africa.


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