Michael Ferrari

Michael Ferrari is the global head of climate and agronomic decision sciences with Syngenta. In addition he is the managing partner at Atlas Research Innovations, a partner with FutureMap, and senior fellow at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Most of Ferrari’s work blends science, technology, and economics at the food-water-energy-infrastructure nexus, and encompasses data science & analytics, spatial informatics, ai/machine learning, financial & physical risk, geoeconomics, sensor networks, environmental system science and engineering, and information theory. Ferrari has spent his career as a scientist, engineer and economist in the following industrial sectors: agriculture and energy, FinTech, chemicals, water & natural resources, commodities & supply chain, and informatics. Ferrari earned his PhD from Rutgers University where his research focused on developing theoretical and quantitative models to better understand the industrial/environmental interface and the Earth/space/biosphere complex from both an information systems and an evolutionary perspective. His doctoral and postdoctoral research in numerical modeling was supported by the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.



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