The Community Health Impact Coalition

The Community Health Impact Coalition exists to make professionalized community health workers a norm worldwide. Authors who contributed to the May 4, 2020 piece on Think Global Health include the following coalition members:

Rebecca Alban, MPH, is the OpenLMIS Community Manager for VillageReach.

Nandini Choudhury, MPH, is a Implementation Research Analyst for Possible.

Ash Rogers, MPA, is CEO of Lwala Community Alliance.

Isaac Holeman, PhD, is Chief Research Officer of Medic Mobile.

Jennifer Foth, MPH, is Deputy Director, New Country Expansion at Living Goods.

Ryan Schwarz, MD, MBA, is Senior Healthcare Adviser at Possible.

Helen Olsen, MA, is Impact Manager at Medic Mobile.

Amanda Yembrick is Director of R&D and Impact at Medic Mobile.

Matt Price is Director of Strategic Partnerships at Last Mile Health.

Julia Bishop is Country Director at OnetoOne Africa.

David Flood, MD, MSc, is Staff Physician at Wuqu' Kawoq.

Jacques Sebisaho, MD, MPA, is the Executive Director at Amani Global Works.

Kyle Muther, MA, is Director of Advisory Engagements at Last Mile Health.

Francisco Rodriguez Garza, MD, MPH, is Advocacy Technical Coordinator at Last Mile Health.

Jennifer Schechter, MSW, MPH, is CEO at Integrate Health.

Mallika Raghavan, MPH, is Director of Country Engagements at Last Mile Health.

Kevin Fiori, MD, MSc is Chief Science Officer at Integrate Health.

Molly Christiansen, MBA, MPH, is Director, Global Program Strategy & Impact at Living Goods.

Melissa West, MA, is Director of Advocacy and Communications at VillageReach.

Stephanie Rapp, MA, is Global Partnerships Manager at Muso.

Daniel Palazuelos, MD, MPH, is Senior Health and Policy Advisor for Community Health Systems at Partners in Health.

Ari Johnson, MD, is CEO at Muso.

Matthew Bonds, PhD, is Scientific Director at PIVOT.


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