Claire K. Qureshi

Claire K. Qureshi is the Senior Director, Community Health Acceleration Partnership (CHAP), and Advisor, Office of the WHO Ambassador for Global Strategy. Qureshi leads global and U.S. efforts for the Community Health Acceleration Partnership, which is hosted by the Office of the WHO Ambassador for Global Strategy. She began her career at McKinsey, where she worked with health care companies, health systems, and governments. Claire also directed market dynamics and global health projects for Results for Development. Previously, she served in the Obama Administration at the U.S. Treasury Department, covering international affairs, terrorism and financial intelligence, and tax policy for the Office of the Chief of Staff.  Claire received her MBA from Harvard Business School and her B.A. from Yale University.


COVID-19 Highlights the Need for Community Health

Turning the tide on the pandemic and achieving greater global health security demands stronger community health systems